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“Canada’s Nessie” Found?

By Teddy Dawes

TeddyHere’s an interesting story from the mainstream media. “Canada’s Loch Ness Monster” has been the stuff of legend…until now.

Check it out!

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A (new?) brand of terror infests Maryland woods

By Chuck Muskeegee

ChuckWe here at Photon Toaster magazine have always known about the existence of the mysterious chupacabra. The following account of a confirmed sighting and capture of the animal may shock you. Click at your own risk! Cryptozoology is not for those with weak knees!

Maryland Chupacabra found

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Bigfoot sighting?

By Teddy Dawes

We’ve had a few fans write in and inform us of another possible Bigfoot sighting. What is this creature crossing the road? Is it the elusive Bigfoot?

Find out here.

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Birds Show Signs of “Massive Trauma”

By Teddy Dawes

TeddySome strange happenings in the new year. Thousands of birds have been found dead, apparently after suffering massive trauma. Was this the result of secret government aircraft testing…or something much more sinister?

Read about it.

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Episode 3 Released Into the Wild

By Chuck Muskeegee

TeddyChuckPhoton Toaster episode “Windfall Prophet” is now alive and well on the internet. Chuck and Teddy meet an interesting man in a shiny suit. A lot of running around follows, as well as some food. It’s 28 minutes of adventure and excitement. Go ahead. Watch it. You’ve earned it.

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Government Officials Cover Up UFO Activity

By Chuck Muskeegee

ChuckGovernment officials cover up UFO activity at US nuclear missile bases. Are we under attack?

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Officials Deny Crop Circles

By Teddy Dawes

TeddyA viewer forwarded this link to the home office today. The media seems pretty sure that crop circles are a 100% man-made phenomenon. So sure, in fact, that they don’t even offer up the other side. The question is, “Why release this video now?”


Watch the “truth” here.

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Roswell Crash Anniversary

By Chuck Muskeegee

ChuckRoswell Crash Anniversary in July – Aliens really needed a Garmin. Read more about it:

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Stephen Hawking Warns Against Alien Contact

By Chuck Muskeegee

ChuckStephen Hawking warns against making contact with aliens when we find them …or they find us.

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Chupacabra Finally Found…Again

By Teddy Dawes

TeddyMore evidence of the elusive Chupacabra has turned up, this time in Texas. You wouldn’t expect a secret to be kept long in a place called Wise County.

Read all about it here!

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